Rituals, my collaboration with Aaron Penne & Bright Moments – is on the long list for a 2022 Lumen Prize in the NFT category. It is an honor to be listed in a category with so many other incredible artists.

Read more about the awards here.

Artwork description

Rituals – Venice is an infinite audiovisual artwork, continuously generating synthesized music and visuals for up to 9 million years. The music and artwork ebb and flow in and out of phase, achieving emergent harmonies that shift over time. The artwork is controlled by randomized processes, embracing the organic emergence and interplay between the music and visual movement.

1000 unique generative audiovisual NFT artworks were created from a single program, with the first 200 NFTs minted in real life at the Bright Moments Gallery in Venice, CA. This physical artwork installation gave each collector a unique individual artwork reveal that included a meditation led by professional healers, site specific display and audio setup, and a private experience with the artwork at the moment of its creation.

Inspired by meditative sound baths, the music builds from binaural tones. Synths, drones, and pads are layered with curated parameters to create unique compositions.

Partners and collaborators

The visual artwork is created by Aaron Penne, the music is created by Justin Boreta. The synthesizer system used by Boreta was produced by Counterpoint Studios. The concept and collaboration was facilitated by Seth Goldstein and the Bright Moments DAO. The project was created through Art Blocks, an on-chain generative art platform. 

In order to make the code based NFT artwork more accessible, 12 of the 1000 NFTs were recorded, mastered, and produced into an audiovisual album released by Formless Records. This marks the first generative NFT project to be released on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.