Innerspace Music” is a guided musical meditation method combining classic teachings through guided meditations with contemporary music intended to elevate and bring awareness, mindfulness and loving-kindness to life.

These are practices that teach and develop capacities intended to meet a variety of people where they are; given types of music, messaging and length of time.

Track Listing

  1. Sigur Ros, Alan Watts – The Art of Meditation 
  2. Tycho, Superposition, Alan Watts – Inevitable Ecstasy 
  3. Nailah Hunter, Ram Dass – Let the Light In 
  4. Jeremiah Fraites, Superposition, Ram Dass – Just Be
  5. The Album Leaf, Superposition, Jack Kornfield – Infinite Moment 
  6. Badge Epoch, Ram Dass – The Light 
  7. Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith, Superposition, Tara Brach – Deep Listening 
  8. Vivian Koch, Jack Kornfield – Feelings of Presence
  9. East Forest ft. Mooji – Light of Truth